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new ceramic residency in shanghai, china

updated mon 1 jul 02


Katheleen Nez on fri 28 jun 02

Clay Artists

New Ceramic Residency in Shanghai, China

I am introducing you to a unique international artist
residency program near Shanghai, China. I located your
international email addresses from the 2001
NCECA Conference in Charlotte, NC, USA. I hope it is
okay with you I did so.

The newest international ceramics residency program in
China is a Ming Dynasty preservation project in
ZhuJiaJiao, outside of Shanghai.
Located at the "Venice of Shanghai" water-town,
ZhuJiaJiao Art Center offers artist
residencies, workshops and art-historical travel in
China. The center is open from April 1 to November 30.
The Ming preservation site houses a growing list of
restored architecture including a Buddha Temple,
Dynastic gate, Teahouse with moat, Office building,
water well and a stone relief sculpture collection.
Artist facilities are a Ming studio, sculpture studio,
2-storey dormitory, 4 gas and 3 wood and 1 electric
There are exhibition and lecturing opportunities in
Shanghai and surrounding art colleges.
The historic atmosphere of Ming architecture is
complemented by the fascinating Ming Dynasty canal
town of Zhujiajiao and its numerous bridges
and narrow streets with waterside restaurants.
Shanghai, the heart of modern China and contemporary
Chinese art, is an hour away.
The travel program includes the Terracotta Warriors of
Xian, the teapot production of Yixing, the porcelain
of Jingdezhen and the Longmen Buddha Sculpture Caves
of Luoyang.
Please check the website for
details and a pictorial description of the art center
and programs. Please contact with any inquiries or to
be put on a newsletter
list of events in China.

Can you please inform me of any websites, discussion
groups or newsletters that I may approach with the
promotion of this unique program in China.

Steve Brousseau
Art Director
ZhuJiaJiao Art Center
Heritage Village for Arts and Culture
Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, China

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Katheleen Nez on sun 30 jun 02

If anyone is interested in this topic, email me
offline - I've got another opinion about this issue.
Grooving to Dolphy, nezbah

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