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booth design/space issues

updated sat 29 jun 02


Longtin, Jeff on fri 28 jun 02

A thought occured to me that I thought I would share with you. Its really
good to have a booth design that offers you flexibilty. On paper you may
know what the space should be like, dimensions, location, etc., but until
you get there you never know what complicating factors will affect your
If your booth is a grass space you may very likely have uneven ground. Extra
bricks can help you level out your display if that's a probelm. (Gopher
holes can also pose interesting challenges.) On paper it may be 8'x10', or
10'x10', but the reality MAY be slightly different. Its good to not have a
display that EXACTLY fills a given space, just in case. ( Individual display
units are good for this reason, hence the A-frame idea.)

Take care
Jeff Longtin