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bases for sculptures

updated fri 28 jun 02


Fay & Ralph Loewenthal on thu 27 jun 02

Dear Jocelyn, I would mark out the base of each sculpture on
soft brick,
and carve out the correct shape slightly smaller than the
marking on top, and
flaring out at the bottom to give stability. I would then
glue the sculpture onto
the soft brick with wood glue mixed with kiln wash to keep
it on. Hope
this helps Ralph in Cape Town SA.

Valice Raffi on thu 27 jun 02

I've made bases for wonky bottoms out of balsa wood, easy to carve to
shape, and paintable.

A great tip I got here on Clayart (wish I could remember who said it):

when the piece with the wonky bottom is dry, put a small pool of water (a
tablespoon or so) on your work table. Place the piece on the water and
move the piece around in a circular motion to grind. If the uneveness is
really bad, you may have to do it a couple of times. Let dry again before

in Sacramento