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underselling other artists because you can - cars vs

updated wed 26 jun 02


Philip Poburka on tue 25 jun 02


Dear Lois!

Well...while the differences between different 'grades' of detergents made
by the same Company may not be so great as the prices suggest...the same had
not been true for Automobiles. Or at least did not used to be...

So far as 'G.M' say, as per your mention, the hierarchy of Chevrolet,
Pontiac, (Oakland,) Oldsmobile, Buick, (LaSalle,) Cadillac, there was a
real, actual significant , genuine and discernable difference in size,
engines, appointments, options, top speed, power etc., and etc. between each
'Line', and also within the mid to upper 'lines', as from 40 series to 90
series Buicks...and different series in the Cadillac division...some years
GM Cadillac division lost money on every top Line
model they sold, and made them anyway as they felt these Cars ought TO be

Some years Buick had more Horse Power than Cadillac, which annoyed the
Cadillac division. 'G.M.' was more like a federation of companies shareing
certain resources and co-operations, than that it was in any typical way, a
'single' company.

Now some years, Olds shared some body or roof panels with Chevrolet, and had
different 'trim', a very different front end, and one tended
to confuse any of them with anyother of them...the Engines
and appointments and transmissions and undercarriage and so on were
different, as was the size of the Car overall. Bye no means were they the
'same' Car.

One was not 'paying' for illusions of anything...or merely some different
'scent' of the same stuff...the differences were pragmatic discoverable and
real. All 'lines' had their merits, and all had their appeal. All were
honest, or honest enough depending on the era we are thinking on...anything
after say the mid '50's starts to fall off, and later '60s gets even more
blurred, and so far as today, I know nothing about them, and could care

The difference between a Cadillac and a Chevrolet was not ambiguous for
sixty years at

The differences were substantial and not hoakum!

Las Vegas

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On Mon, 24 Jun 2002 23:39:15 -0700, you wrote:

>I have heard that for example a laundry detergent company will make
essentially the
>same formula of detergent and package with three or four different names in
>or four different price ranges. They get the ones that are motivated to
buy the
>best (cost = quality), the ones that don't want the most expensive, but not
>"cheapest" and of course the ones looking for the bargain. The perfume
might be
>different, the color of the little "flavor crystals" might be different,
but the
>basic formula is the same. Packaged for each targeted consumer.
Car companies have done that for YEARS. For example - General Motors
has it's Chevrolet line (basic), Pontiac (sportier), and Buick
(Luxury). Ford has it's Ford, Lincoln, Mercury (although now it's
just Lincoln/Mercury). They use the same bodies and parts, but allow
for different colours and options to appear to different segments of
the population.

Radio stations do this too. There are currently 2 big radio
conglomerates, who, since deregulation, own several different stations
in each market. Each station is programmed to appeal to teens,
adults, hispanics, and african-americans. While each station appears
different to the average listener, they give each conglomerate access
to all segments to the population.
Lois Ruben Aronow

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