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tony's firing a load of carbon trap / malcolm davis #3 ???

updated wed 19 jun 02


Ted Whittemore on tue 18 jun 02

What is Malcolm Davis #3?

And what makes it #3, and not #1 or #2? :) How many are there?

We just got thru with a Malcolm Davis workshop here, and he expressed
surprise over the number of "Malcolm Davis" glazes out there and some
mystification, as well.

The only glaze he expressed specific authorship of is as follows:

NephSy 40.9
OM4 13.8
Soda Ash 17.3
EPK 18.2
F-4 9.8
Redart 6.0

no Redart if using on stoneware.

Is this MD #3?

>Mishy: You're a non-believer. I have fired every single gas firing of the
>past two years of only one glaze- Malcolm Davis #3 Shino.That would be over