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summer workshops in nw and other places

updated fri 14 jun 02


Joyce Lee on thu 13 jun 02

I know there are great summer workshops offered throughout the U.S.
Eventually, I intend to visit several of them since they've come highly =
rated by clayarters.... places such as Haystack, and Vince's Appalachian =
Center and Penland. BUT the two week workshop with which I am =
personally familiar is at Metchosin International Summer School of Art =
on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. This is, as the name =
implies, a series of workshops/classes in a variety of areas, but =
several are clay related ..... as to be expected, since Robin Hopper, =
the director of Metchosin, is an internationally known potter himself.

The accomodations are comfortable, convenient in an absolutely beautiful =
setting. The food is good and is prepared FOR you. Helping with the =
cooking is fun and makes for good friends, yes, but sometimes it's nice =
to forget about cooking and cleaning up afterward .... and concentrate =
on clay. #1 Support Person was able to reserve room&board also (roomed =
with me) even though he didn't take a class.
He, too, had a terrific time ... there was always somebody to talk with, =
and he attended the nightly presentations as well.
It was a good introduction for him into my world of pottery ...=20

I could say much more but I'm beginning to sound like I have a vested =
interest in Metchosin...... which is decidedly not so.=20
This is simply a personal recommendation based on one person's =

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