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sales tax on kilns: manufacturer's certificate

updated fri 21 jun 02


Gavin Stairs on thu 20 jun 02

Dear Cindi,

I just remembered something else.  That is, there is usually more
than one certificate which can be used in purchasing materials for sale,
if not several different forms of licence.  For example, there may
be a manufacturer's permit or certificate which states that the
materials purchased are for manufacture or assembly into goods for sale,


At 03:55 AM 20/06/2002, Cindi Anderson wrote:

I believe states must have
different rules.  In California, there is no tax

exemption if you are using the items to make new items.  (ie You pay
tax on

raw materials, even if you are using them to make an item you

If fact, in CA it is called a "resellers permit",