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rikki gill workshop

updated sat 15 jun 02


Charles Moore on fri 14 jun 02

Dear Clayartists,
I just received a flyer from Leslie Ceramics in Berkeley, CA, announcing =
a "Decoration Workshop," presented by Rikki Gill, long-time member of =
the Berkeley Potters Guild. In the flyer, Rikki says, "In my work as a =
potter, I use glazes, slips, oxides, colorants, and paint with a brush, =
print, use slip trailers, wax, and an air pen to achieve my effects." =
Clay is Rikki's canvas. Rikki is a most "painterly" potter; a =
photograph of one of her pieces appeared in Fine Art Ceramics (April, p. =
15). Using stylized and abstract forms, Rikki's pieces show depth and =
texture, and her glazes typically display microcrystal development.=20

The workshop, coordinated by Leslie's Robby Abrams, will take place =
Sunday, July 14, from 10:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. The cost is $80; you =
are asked to bring some bisque-fired pieces, made with cone 10 clay. =
(Leslie will fire for later pick up.)=20

For further information, call Leslie Ceramics: 510-524-7363. Or email =
Rikki at or Robby at

An admirer of Rikki Gill and her work,=20

Charles Moore