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pricing and the fun factor

updated wed 26 jun 02


Mondloch on tue 25 jun 02

During one of our discussions on pricing strategy, Mark came up with a
three category rating system. It may seem sort of silly, but we keep it in
mind to decide if we will make or continue to make an item.

in no particular order:

1. Is it profitable?
David H posted a good, objective method for determining this. I wouldn't say
that we're that precise, but we do try to evaluate the time, materials,
required kiln space, et to make a particular item versus what market price
we think it can bring.

2. Will it make us stretch artistically or increase our skill?
Initially, pushing personal limits can be scary, frustrating, and produce
unmarketable work, but this is what prevents our work from getting stale for
both ourselves and our customers.

3. The fun factor.
Are we having fun when we make this?

An item is given a 1-10 score in each of the 3 categories. A very high score
in one will offset a lower score in the others. If something gets a low
score in all of them, it's time to ditch it- no matter if we've always made
it and/or customers ask for it.

This system is helpful to us but then we probably make a much broader range
of work then most potters and blacksmiths and need to reevaluate quite
often. (don't even get me started on the 'cohesive body of work thing'! )

Pricing and marketing is always tough because there are no correct answers-
only what works for you. Finding some type of objective evaluation that
works for your situation should help to keep it mentally separate from
issues of self-worth.


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