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prices, pit bulls

updated thu 20 jun 02


RPeckham@COOKSONELECTRONICS.COM on wed 19 jun 02

Most of my customers, and my wife have told me I need to raise my prices.
I have already, guess I will again. Personally I would pay to make pots,
and give them away to keep room to make more, so making them for cost to
me is great, but It would be like a dream to actually make a living doing
it, and I have to consider other potters who are trying to do just that.

Also for the Pit Bull, I have read every link that has been suggested.
Thanks all. I have also verified that our local pound has never been able
to place a pitbull, so this one would most likely be euthanized. In a
week I will give up on finding the owner, and try to find a rescue league.
Jury is still out as for keeping him. He does get along great with my
other dogs though.

Thanks everybody for the help. Way too many posts to respond to
everybody. Thanks again.

By the way, My name is:

Randy Peckham
Chepachet Clay Works Ltd.