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pit fire book

updated mon 17 jun 02


Jeff Tsai on sun 16 jun 02

Unfortunately there are not a whole of of books devoted to pit fired pottery
and sculpture, but I've browed and own a few. I think the one Ababi was
referring to, though I didn't see the name mentioned in the post, was

"Pit Barrel and Saggar Firing"
this is a collection of articles from Ceramics monthly dating back to the
seventies I think. It is very comprehensive on both forming, preparing, and
firing in, as the title implies, pits, barrels and saggars. It's a wealth of
info and probably your best bet. I see it advertised in ceramics monthly all
the time and believe it is available through

Another very good book was
"Smoke Fired Pottery" by Jane Perryman.
While not as helpful as a guide to firing, there are a lot of nice pieces in
the book and it inspires. The information you get in Perryman's book is
essentially the same as the info in the above book, but I think the above
book gives a little more in the way of options of firings toward the same
I think this book is available through

I've read a few others that can be interesting, but they don't give nearly as
much info and are often more specific. "Sawdust Firing" is a nice one, and a
search of articles in Ceramics monthly and Clay Times will turn up good