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on pricing pottery

updated sun 23 jun 02


Julie Milazzo on sat 22 jun 02

Hmmm... this is also something that I've had problems
with. It seems like such a gift and a joy to have the
priviledge to make clay objects, that it conversely
seems like a sin to actually ask for money to take
them off my hands! I do price fairly, and I'm not here
to debate, but has anyone read Walden Two by B.F.
Skinner? This seems to fit right in.
It is an interesting read, based on behaviorism,
and one of the concepts is that everyone works.
Everyone gets credit for work, and those working
shitty jobs get more credits per hour, while those
working the cushier jobs get less credits per hour.
You can do whatever you want, as long as you make so
many specified credits per year. Pretty cool. Anyway,
if pottery were part of this system (but it isn't, as
glass trays are more efficient to clean, because you
can see the underside instead of having to flip each
one over...), I can imagine that the amount of credits
available would be the lowest possible! In fact,
they'd probably have to give away demerits per hour to
keep people from overrunning the studio!
So when pricing, I look at those around me, ask
opinions, and am very fair, but inside I feel like I
should be paying others for allowing me to do what I
want to do with my life! I certainly want to be paid
what I deserve, but I really have a hard time
considering this "work". Of course, I get pissy when
others consider it less than work, but it seems to be
this kind of suspended reality (because reality can't
be this good, in reality, right?) that makes me have a
hard time actually doing the physical pricing. Also, I
always want to give away pots to sweet people. But
I've stopped that type of behavior, for the most part.
Ramen noodles are getting old... Jules

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