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non-clay pit bull/good info

updated wed 19 jun 02


steve cara on tue 18 jun 02

If you want good info on pitties go to
(Pitbull Rescue Central). They are an online pitbull
rescue and info center. Go to the bottom of the page
and you will find links to all kinds of info. If the
site is down it will only be temporary, they are
moving it to a new server. Just check back in a day
or so. If you want to talk to other people who have
welcomed stray pitties into their homes there is a
link on the site to a mailing list similar to this
one. It's called Pitbull-L. There is lots of great
info and caring people on it. If I can be of help you
can email me direct at

Lilly & Obie (the Petbulls)
> I hope I can be forgiven for this non-clay e-mail,
> but recently a very
> young stray Pit Bull mutt came to our house.
> Does anybody on the list know anything about this
> breed, except the
> hysteria that is in the media. I don't want to hear
> about a dog that was
> kept in a cage and fed live cats attacking somebody,
> I want to hear real
> information from people in the know.

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