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lee's 50%, i.e. underselling

updated tue 25 jun 02


Joanna Jorgensen on mon 24 jun 02

Sounds abit like communism, and we all know how well that worked out.
Being the capitalist that I am in philosophy, I say may the best pots win. I
am a newbie, and even more so a newbie in my present infatuation with
maiolica. I know my pots cannot compete right now with the likes of most
established potters. I am still striving for that point though. That's what
makes my pots cost less than say Tony's. I don't yet have a name or
reputation but am working to that level everyday.

I went to one of our local art fair's in Delray this year, a fair amount of
pottery, mostly stoneware, very similar to what one sees from stoneware on a
regular basis. Not very exciting. Except one potter from somewhere in North
Carolina I believe who was selling the most exceptional, exciting pieces,
new forms, beautiful glazes, and one out of this world teapot I drooled over
for some time. And a really nice guy.
He was selling he said, his were the best, he should have been selling. I
wish I had the money bring that teapot home.
There is nothing wrong with competition hopefully it makes us all try to be
better at what we do, don't get me wrong, not for the sake of competing but
for the sake of doing what you do to the best of your ability.
I don't want to carry anyone else with my ability or be carried by theirs.
OK my Ayn Rand rant is over.
Joanna Jorgensen