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updated sun 23 jun 02


OWLPOTTER@AOL.COM on sat 22 jun 02

In a message dated 6/22/2 08:31:51 PM, you wrote:

> I am kind of in a new
>dilemma because now there is the internet market--I can get much more for my
>work, what I believe its worth on the internet, than what I can sell it for
>at an art fair. Example: I can sell my teabowls barely for $10 to $100 at
>an art fair. On the internet, $300.

I am very interested in this statement!
Are you getting this price for a tea bowl you sell through your own website?
E-bay, or other auction?
Or other?

Was this a one-time fluke, or your normal internet price?

I have always believed the only people visiting pottery websites are other

I am a production potter who is branching off and producing some
one-of-a-kind "fine art type" pieces and have no market for them at present.
Just cannot mix them into my booth at the normal art fair. Also I cannot make
enough of them to fill an art fair booth, or approach a gallery ( who will
want a 40-60% commission!) Also, I am fairly certain that the customer for
them is not attending art & craft fairs.
-Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan