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grand haven show

updated thu 20 jun 02


Kay Howard on wed 19 jun 02

Yes! I remember meeting you--at the Camp gallery (since =
folded)--weren't you taking classes in K-zoo?--deep discounts cleared =
our shelves, but we left after a short time--I do the Howard Allen =
show--he took it over last year; it was a long established show, but I =
heard many comments from folks about "how nice this show looks this =
year" last year. We did it for the first time last year and did quite =
well. Not everyone was happy, but my "nature inspired" stuff went over =
nicely. Regardless of what you think of HA, he does bring the people in =
and puts on a nice looking show. I have mixed feelings about doing his =
shows, however if I choose carefully, I usually do well at them. Any =
chance you will be dropping by the show? Hope to become reaquainted--

Kay Leaf lady in Grass Lake--where the studio pest of note is an =
occasional cute little mouse that the cats have missed--RATS!? good God =
I'll take the mice and baby racoons any day--my condolances to the rat =
infested--:( =20