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glaze test for cream of mushroom, cone 6, ox.

updated fri 14 jun 02


Alisa Liskin Clausen on thu 13 jun 02

Glaze test for Cream of Mushroom, cone 6, ox.
Glaze tested on white midrange stoneware fired in electric oxidation to =

Source: Clayart
Credited to:

Firing ramp:
100c p/h to 600c (212f - 1112f)
150c p/h to 1100c (330f - 2012f)=20
100c p/h to 1220c (212f - 2228f)
cool down max. per hour to 900c (1652f)
hold for one hour at 900c
shut off kiln

10.66 Spodumene
40.67 Neph. Syenite
9.62 Whiting
23.34 Flint
7.55 Gerstely Borate
4.81 Dolomite
3.35 Zinc oxide

4 Rutile
1.52 Bentonite
10.15 Zircopax

Note: All raw materials are measured up or down to the nearest whole =
decimal. =20
Colorants or additives to a 100 gram test batch are measured in precent =
to the 100 gram test batch.

Frit 623 for Gersetly Borate

A very shiny gloss, smooth with an overall yellow rutile color. The =
entire test tile has a glassy shell of very opalescent blues and whites, =
streaking and fuzzing, but no dripping.

This test resembles Chris Wolff's Cream Gloss Glaze (archives), or is =
more accurately identical in look and feel.
I think it will be a good glaze for layering over others, like the Cream =
Gloss is. I have found almost any glossy base
with 5% Rutile makes for a good over glaze on rims for a streaking and =
opalescent effect. Will test further.

Regards from Alisa in Denmark