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dressing up a corpse

updated wed 19 jun 02


clennell on wed 19 jun 02

Sour Cherry Pottery
!Mishy wrote;
> I distinctly recall you blasting Tom Buck here on clayart, not too long ago
> (in a loving sort of way) when he claimed you can't fire shino and celadon
> in the same firing successfully. I am sure I remember you saying something
> about having fired celadons together with shinos, without a
> problem... soooooo... what exactly is it I am not supposed to believe?

Dear Mishy I too, remember asking Tommy to walk the plank. He had made a
statement saying celedons and carbon trap had to be fired in seperate
firings. Simply not true! I said friends Ron Roy, Liz W and pots of Joyce
Wheatley were fired in Ronny's kiln. Ronny's killer temmoku, Liz and Joyce
with the CT and some of Ronnys celedon branch bottles. I believe fellow
Clayarter Barb Murphy also includes rutile blues, copper red etc with her
CT. I have been firing CT for over 8 years with ash glazes, copper reds,
rutile blues and the like. The early reduction which is necessary for the CT
is maybe wasted on the likes of oatmeal or mother in law blue. In the past
2 years I only fire carbon trap- Exclusively!!!

Red Stripe Arti wrote:
About once a year you have to try a little of
that..Inyourheadeyecandywowjuicesockknockerwordofmouth glaze......If you
don't you are just a dabbler.....How else can you be positive that your one
glaze is still the most beeeyoootiful?....You might be stuck in a rut and
not even know itHEHEHE
cheers back at ya,

Dear Arti: Those that go looking once a year for a killer glaze to save
their pots are in a rut. I have been for 25 years more interested in form
and firing than I have been in having a beautiful glaze. Dead pots are dead
even if they have a drop dead gorgeous glaze. A corpse is still dead even if
you dress him up in an Armani suit. I have made a similiar teapot for over
20 years. Is it dead? No, it's getting better every year. I'm just a slow
learner. I don't buy pots because I lust for the glaze. I make and buy pots
primarily because the form pleases me, the clothes it's wearing are