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bottle green cone 6

updated fri 14 jun 02


Alisa Liskin Clausen on thu 13 jun 02

Many base glazes take well to 10% stain. For bottle green, use that =
color stain.
The base is what will give you opaque or translucent or matte or gloss.

I stained John and Ron's High Calcium Semimatte Base 1
with stain for a semimatte green, very smooth and covering.

Also I tried their High Calcium Semimatte Base 2 with
1 Colbalt and 2 Chrome which resulted in a very green
covering semimatte.

Glossy Base Glaze 1 with 10% Green stain gives a green gloss.

Zinc Semimatte/Glossy Base Glaze with 10% Green stain
gives a smooth, semimatte, covering bottle green. My
favorite of the lot.

Try your bases as well.

regards from Alisa