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be advised --ceramic usa

updated tue 25 jun 02


e wilson farrington on fri 21 jun 02

I ordered a Creative Industries HP wheel from them about one year ago. =
It took months, many phone calls and various complaints to finally get =
my new wheel delivered. They gave me the runaround in a major way and I =
got extremely pissed. (Takes a lot to piss me off). The nice thing is, I =
got a few phone calls from the owner of Creative Industries himself, who =
apologized for the poor handling by Ceramic USA. (They allegedly had not =
paid their bills and CI did not want me to blame them for not being able =
to ship the wheel on time). I was lied to at Ceramic USA and it's funny =
to think that although they may have believed that I am just a nobody, I =
do have a voice and I can spread the word to other potters that THEY =
SUCK. I am thankful to Creative Industries for being so helpful and =
honest with me about the situation. I am very happy with my wheel, but I =
would have been better off had I paid a little more and bought from a =
more reliable company.=20

PS Apologies to anyone I may have offended with my expletives. I don't =
know what the rules are for such things on this list. Mea culpa.... Mel, =
if you have to delete this, so be it...

Leslie Laurent on sat 22 jun 02

Actually CeramicUSA was not a fake. However,
it looks like he has finally gone out of=20
business. In summer 2000 I visited his shop
in San Jose and noticed he had rented out
the back part of the space. His business
was shrinking. The 800 phone number=20
wasn't working. I did find him friendly and
helpful and working to hold onto his
dream. It's hard to know when to give up. =20


PeteTree@AOL.COM wrote:
> I wanted to put out a little
>warning hoping its not too late for
>any of you.
> CeramicUSA ( is
>fraudulent. I ordered a Brent wheel
>from the website, and after a week
>without receiving a tracking number i
>began to call and email. All i got
>calling was a machine and all i got
>emailing was a message that the
>address no longer existed.
> I did some research at my job and
>found that the company is a fake.
>This guy will take your money for
>merchandise he never had. Please be

Steve Mills on sat 22 jun 02

It amazes me that there are still a number of businesses out there
*serving* the public who still haven't grasped the simple fact that bad
news has a very loud voice and travels faster than the speed of light!
Steve Mills