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bar harbor, me

updated mon 17 jun 02


Bob Leek on fri 14 jun 02

I'll put in 2 cents too for Tracy at the Salt Box
Pottery. It's on Rt. 1 near Wiscasset, and she does
some fabulous work.

Bob, in Williamsburg, VA, where it's warm, but I'm
chilly in NY attending the US Open in the rain.

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Bobbruch1@AOL.COM on sun 16 jun 02

Scott Goldberg is on the Blue Hill Peninsula, which is the next Peninsula to
the east of the Bar Harbor area. You would have to go to the "town" of Blue
Hill and head east from there. Scott's studio is on the eastern shore of the
peninsula. Scott used to work with Jeff Oestrich, and is quite talented in
his own right. The setting of his studio Coming back to the town of Blue
Hill, take the road due south towards Deer Isle. On the right will be a
studio by someone who sells on a national basis (at least he has work in
Ohio), although I can't remember his name. Really good work. If noone is
there, the studio will be open and you can purchase work and just leave your
check, a process that I haven't noticed in a large midwestern city.
Continuing south, you cross the bridge to Deer Isle - the road to the right
would take you to Eggogmogin Reach and a great lobster pound in a beautiful
setting. Just follow the lobster claw signs that seem to go on foreever. Back
to Deer Isle, you will find another functional potter, Jeff Moor or Maar
..... and then continue on to visit the Haystack School. The setting alone is
worth the trip. On the road to Haystack is another lobster pound - less
expensive than the first one I mentioned, but not as scenic. After visiting
Haystack, return to the island loop and try to visit Stonington, which is one
of the most bizarrely laid out "towns" you will ever see. The gas stations
on Deer Isle will have fresh crab meat in the coolers if you need a snack
along the way.

Hope this helps,

Bob Bruch

John Hesselberth on sun 16 jun 02

One I haven't seen mentioned is a shop right on US 1 between Elsworth
and Camden called Mainely Potters. It has the work of 20 or 30 potters
some of whom are outstanding. Camden is a great day trip and a good
place to have lunch. That is, if you get bored with the beauty of
Acadia National Park. Can't wait until we're there in late August.