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alexandria and stack temperature

updated fri 21 jun 02


gregg lindsley on thu 20 jun 02

"Hendrix, Taylor J." wrote about potteries in
Alexanderia Virginia I belive, and I would suggest a
visit to the Torpedo Factory if it is still there.
It's an artists warehouse type of facility, where lots
of artists share an old torpedo factory. That's where
I was first bitten by the clay but 30 years ago. Also
a good place is the Glen Echo Pottery in Glen Echo
Maryland, where I first apprnticed for a year in the
mid 70's. It's located in a National Park, on the tip
of Maryland where Virginia, Maryland and DC all meet.
She could find it on any map. It's a very small town,
(at least it was), and should n't be difficult to
find. I don't know if the pottery, situated in a large
yurt, is still there, but I would be interested in
knowing if it was.

Next question: Does anyone know of any formula
that can be used to measure the temperature of the air
from the point it exits the flue of a gas kiln to any
specific height above the flue? Say three feet, or
ten, or fifty, or a hundred? Olsen gives a temperature
reference in his book, but it only for one set
distance. Any formula would have to include air speed,
current temperature humidity and the like I imagine.
I want to know what the temperature is at the
lower brach of the pine tree which is close to over my
raku kiln. It's way up, but some of the needles are
curling. I live in a pine forest and moving the kiln
is an option but I'm curious anyway. It's fire season
here and it looks like a nasty one, so I have stopped
firing for now.
Anyway if anyone has any idea about a formula, I
would apprieciate knowing about it.

Gregg Allen Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
10325 Brookside Dr.
Whispering Pines Ca 95426

Where it's starting to get hot and my two cats, who
prefer porcelain water to any other kind, bring me a
lizard every day now. Monday was my birthday, and my
son gave me the three cd set of King Crimson's 2000
tour, and that's what is playing in the studio now.

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