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updated wed 26 jun 02


Longtin, Jeff on tue 25 jun 02

Dammit guys, I was all set for a fight! If we all start showing tolerance
for each other this chat room's gonna get awfully boring.
Take care
Jeff Longtin

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Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 12:40 AM
Subject: Re : Ethical pots/Ethical potters

>>Should I presume by YOUR comments that you too think molded pots are
of less value than "handmade" pots?
Why the bias?<<

It would be incorrect for you to assume this...
I use and enjoy plaster and its ability to make moulds etc.
I use it often in the studio...
Bats , wedging tables and moulds...
Mostly of the hand press variety.
They are released rather crude and require
sometime many hours to resculpt and shape
or offer staring points for further evolution of concept.
They retian an individuality
and allow my energy to permeate the piece.
this is a key difference lost in High volume slip cast moulding proccesses

>>Just because I
use molds does not mean I am without character nor does it mean I'm an

It is pointles to spread the term across such a vast scope.
Walk into a studio pottery taking a piece from plaster
usually a section or addition or press moulded piece..
rather than a hobby class with exclusive slip moulded pieces.
Then go into a high production indusrially oriented pottory "factory".
You will notice some major differences in approach and attitude to product.

>>Why do wheelthrowing potters always feel the need to denigrate other
of production?

I use all methods except the jigger/jolly process.
In Fact I throw only because I think it is a skill
I should be able to use....
but it simply so much fun that I may not be able to stop.

happy potty/moulding in the studio.

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