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vince workshop albums

updated mon 3 jun 02


Ababi on sun 2 jun 02

Thank you Lisa and Than you Vince.
These few pictures of Vince's workshop ,are helping me in my trying to
make better pots, as some of them "attaching the problems I try to
overcome now.
Like making leads for instance.
I will save some of the pictures and learn from them.
You might see this site of clubphoto, much nicer and less commercials
than Yahoo . I pay them and get for all the year, a lot of space I can
add video and if I want I can sing and dance. I give up the three last
as I do not have a video camera. Yet the rest is good enough.
They also provide some uploading programs among them 2000 album free,
or pro (singing) you can use it even if you are not using their
You can add there, for your own use pictures and write explanations to
each one. When your hard drive is full you can keep it and read it from
a CD
That is all folks
Ababi Sharon
Kibbutz Shoval- Israel
Glaze addict

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>You are invited to view a Photo Album from .

>Hi again. This is the first album I made online of the pics from the
>Vince Pitelka workshop last week. It was great!!!


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