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second north american juried bonsai pot competition - winners and

updated thu 6 jun 02


Luis Fontanills on wed 5 jun 02


The images with their makers are up officially. I am proud to have made it
a finalist even though I didn't win, and look forward to participating in
next year's event. Make sure to be a participant yourself if you have not
done so.

here: Winners & Finalists for Second North American Juried Bonsai Pot

BTW: 3 out of the 10 positions where by South Florida bonsai potters (30%).
April Grigsby-Cohen and I are in sister clubs; the triad is composed of
Lighthouse Bonsai Society (April is the president of this club), Gold Coast
Bonsai Society and Bonsai Society of Miami. Many of our members are shared
and participate in more than one club.

Congratulations to April for her second place win in the Traditional

Congratulations to all the participants!

Luis Fontanills
Miami, Florida USA