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re; obit or self promotion?

updated sun 9 jun 02


Paul Herman on sat 8 jun 02

I have to agree with you. The ad by Peter Callas is a truly disgusting
display of self aggrandizement, and I wonder about the poor judgement of
CM's editorial staff. Do they really need advertising bucks that badly?
If Mr Soldner's ads were removed for being "inappropriate", then how do
they justify printing this kind of crap? It looks like a last desperate
attempt by Mr. Callous to wring some more cash out of the body before it
goes cold.
Any time someone is yelling at me about how great they are, I think that
maybe THEY are the one who has serious doubts. This guy has revealed a
lot about himself. Let's hope he is headed for the obscurity he so
richly deserves.
Hardway Herman