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post graduate certificate

updated mon 3 jun 02


clennell on sun 2 jun 02

Bruce Cochrane at Sheridan School of Craft and Design is proposing a new
programme for the school to begin hopefully Sept 2003. He has asked me to
write a letter in support.
this would be a 8 month programme for potters wishing to go back to school
for a self directed creative residency. These potters would be given time,
space, and facilities for research, experimentation and production of new
artwork. There would be no formal activities organized around this self
directed creative residency. You would have your privacy as well as being
able to engage with 6 or 7 other resident artists as well as the first,
second and third year students.
I see this programme for potters that have been in the studio for several
years, maybe they have fine arts diplomas or degrees, maybe they don't. they
have moved a mountain of clay and now they need to have a clay sabbatical.
Sheridan is a magical place with visiting potters all the time. It has the
winningest record of teachers in textiles, furniture, glass and ceramics.
Your #1 teacher would be Bruce Cochrane. It don't get better than him.
Sheila has already threatened to leave me for this programme. I told her if
she leaves me she has got to take me with her.
This is just in the planning stages. If you would be interested in a
programmme like this please email me privately. I will attach your email to
my letter showing there is a market out there for a Post Graduate
Thanks Clayart!!!!!

Mike Gordon on sun 2 jun 02

Where is this place???????? Mike Gordon