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packing up, + new booth

updated wed 12 jun 02


Eleanora Eden on tue 11 jun 02

My great epiphany maybe 10 years ago was unwrapping pots so that the
newspapers pile up in a nice stack beneath me and then rolling up this pile
tightly and placing in one of the plastic
garbage-cans-on-their-own-2-little-wheels that I use for transporting pots
at fairs. So then when it comes to packing up I unroll one and do it in
reverse. No newspapers flying around. And the bins are the best I've
found for space-saving packing. For the large platters I use one of the
bins with a hinged lid that bubbles up leaving good space for 18" diameter

My sizes and shapes are all over the place and there's no easy solution
that is safe. I only very occasionally have breakage. Two or three layers
of paper and the wrapping goes where more padding is needed.

I am just now designing a new set of display towers as the ones I have take
too long to set up. I am thinking along the lines of using the heavier
gauge of 1/2" copper water pipe and its fittings, soldering free-standing
towers that will hold the shelves. They will be graduated in size so that
they fit into each other and go on top of my garbage cans in the
trailer. They could conceivably go on top of a roof rack.

My unresolved quandary is for the walls. The inside of the craft hut where
the walls meet the roof is not clean looking. And I need to hang stuff on
the walls. I have been using plywood sheets and they are difficult to
keep looking nice, hard to put in place, etc. I am thinking along the
lines of hinged sections that would fold up between shows, hang over craft
hut "beams". I know there are walls that painters buy for their
booths. Anybody have a nice solution to this they might share with me? I
have waited til the last minute on this and would appreciate some
input. Haven't been getting the magazines lately but have alot of old
issues of Craft Report I will start looking in.

Thanks, Eleanora

Hve to have this ready for Ann Arbor in afew weeks......eek....

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