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packing ( or not packing) pots for shows

updated thu 6 jun 02


Gillian Evison on wed 5 jun 02

To add my tuppenceworth to this subject - I use the white fruit boxes one
gets from the greengrocer, the sturdy stackable ones with built in handles,
and don't wrap at all. The secrets to this method are - always stack in the
upright position; stack pots inside each other snugly and pack tightly. No
rattles! It is very quick and you soon get used to your own pots and how
they stack. If necessary, stuff a corner with a bit of newspaper. Platters
and bowls I stack in a pile each, in order of size, with my table covers
woven in between each piece and these sit on the front seat and floor.
In over 25 years of doing shows I have had less than 20 breakages, and most
of these were when my husband drove off to do a show on his own. I have an
Explorer, and used to have a Honda if you are wondering about the
The breakages are a very small price to pay for the amount of time I have
saved over the years. Often I am one of the first away from a fair.

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