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olympic kiln: slow firing

updated tue 4 jun 02


Arnold Howard on mon 3 jun 02

The slow firing can be due to low voltage, too. Low voltage can
actually double firing time. If you continue to have slow firings,
you should test voltage and amperage of your circuit while the kiln
is firing.

Another cause can be moist greenware. Too much moisure in the kiln
slows down the firing dramatically. It takes a lot of energy to
burn off the steam.

Then again, there is a very slight possibility that the kiln has
the wrong elements.

Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, Inc.

--- Marie Tedesco-Folderman wrote:

Thank you for replying William.  Guess I flew off the
handle this morn...The info from the Olympic Co was for a full load
...8 hours for cone 6.  The kiln is new and has been used 3
x....that includes the 020 cone that they give you with the kiln to
test fire. 

I have reloaded the kiln and put witness cones on all three
selves.  I am not packed I will see what
happens.  I fired the kiln 1 hour low and 1 hour on med and
then 10 1/2 hrs on high....the cone 5 witness cone was not even
bent abit.  Replaced the cones and will refire...the kiln
sitter is set with a small cone 6 and we will see...I can now not
get freaked out after  10 -12 hrs or 14 hours have
passed.  William noted that his kiln at school can take
between 10-14 hours...11 cubic go to cone 6.  THis
is a 16 1/2 foot I guess I can expect at least 14 +
hours.  WIll let you know how I make out...thanks snail for
your input.....Marie

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