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obit or self promotion

updated wed 12 jun 02


Ned Ludd on fri 7 jun 02

IMHO.... Yes, it's trading on Voulkos' memory. Yes, it's self serving
and in poor taste, and may I point out that the nation's leaders
themselves have just done much worse: I refer to last month's
biggest-ever political money-raiser presided over by the President of
the USA. What made it so special? Donors got signed photos of the
President on September 11th... the day thousands were murdered by
If that's not exploiting the dead for factional and personal gain, what is?

I won't get political here, and I don't want to get into the Callas
blame game, which is too easy.. just saying that these days,
everything, but everything, appears to be... well, tradeable. As a
society we seem to be losing agreement on what is sacred... and what
is required of us.


>Maybe this is the wave of the future. After all, if you flip through
>Billboard magazine you will see ads bragging about how many records
>Michael Jackson has sold. Variety magazine is teeming with self-
>promoting ads for movies during Academy Awards season.
>Surely potters have not come to this.
>David Hendley
>Maydelle, Texas
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>From: "clennell"
>Sent: Friday, June 07, 2002 5:32 AM
>Subject: Obit or self promotion
>> Dear Clayart: Please tell me I'm wrong!!!!!!!! Page 33 of the new CM. Is
>> this a genuine obit for a friend or an attempt at a Finger Lakes wine
> > to share shelf space with a good French Bordeaux?

Marvpots@AOL.COM on fri 7 jun 02

Hi All:
Why not give Peter Callas a break and consider the many years and many ways
in which he collaborated with Peter Voulkos? Through Callas many potters
were able to see Voulkos at work, listen to his stories and be stimulated
his ideas and history.
If Callas's statement about the "world" position of their collaboration
egotistical to some of you, you could debate that, but why? Voulkos is
Callas is still here, working, missing Voulkos and so why not be more
charitable, if that is the correct word?

I greatly admire them both.

Marvin Flowerman

clennell on fri 7 jun 02

Dear Clayart: Please tell me I'm wrong!!!!!!!! Page 33 of the new CM. Is
this a genuine obit for a friend or an attempt at a Finger Lakes wine trying
to share shelf space with a good French Bordeaux?
"We will go down in history as the World's Most Important Collaboration".
If Pete Voulkos said this I'm ashamed, and for Peter Callas to print it is
some wines need to rest a few years, some even after resting will not be
very good. The value of the wine is in the taste not the shelf space it
shares with another. the associations that you have with important potters
will rub off on your esthetic and thinking about work but it will not give
your work value. this ad is shameful in it's attempt to capitalize on
friendship and another mans legendary reputation.
Will I write Ruth Butler? No! Not at least until Clayart has set the record
straight. you've taught me to take an aoth of silence until at least a
couple of horses are in the barn. Speaking of cowboy logic "If you have a
horse ride it." or "If your horse dies, get off it." does this apply to
Pete and Peter?
Looking forward to what you all think of this page. It does say
advertisement in the top right hand corner. Self promotion or obit????????
Set me straight.
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario

Brandon Phillips on tue 11 jun 02

I have met Peter Callas, at a Voulkos workshop at his studio in New Jersey
last summer. To call him egotistical is an understatement. I know that's
kinda mean, but I after my experience with him I have an extreme distaste
for him. But I do not believe that his ad was entirely about
self-promotion. I believe its a tribute to his friend, but he's had his
head up his ass for such a long time that he didn't know of any other way to
go about it, I really wouldn't have expected anything less from him. I am
sorry (only partially) if my words offend anyone, but those of you that have
met him know where I'm coming from. As a young potter trying to make a
living, his attitude and the way that he treats others made me want to turn
around and do something else, thank God that I have never met another
ceramicist like him. By the way he claims to have built the first anagama
in the united states, not the first wood kiln, but I still don't believe

Brandon Phillips

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Tom's E-mail on tue 11 jun 02

I've been offline for a while and while I read the latest message from our
moderator intending to cut off further comment, I just had to respond, if
not to all then for myself. I spent several days in New Jersey and 3-4
workshops with the two Pete's they were real friends and had a very special
relationship. Pete Callas is a friend and whether or not he stepped over the
line, I know that he lost a dear friend and was heartbroken. I also know
Pete to be very kind and considerate. He was my friend and he is my friend
and he is a great potter and artist.
Tom Sawyer