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^6 reduction claybody and glazes

updated fri 7 jun 02


Lorraine Pierce on thu 6 jun 02

I am addressing this particularly to Tom Sawyer in Florida. I remember he
posted something about having converted his glazes to ^6 reduction,to fire
in his gas/electric kiln.

My question is, what claybodies do you find successful fired in ^6
reduction; and have you tested any of Ron and John's glazes from their book,
Mastering ^6 Glazes, on these bodies? Because of Ron's important roll in
developing clay bodies for both Tuckers in Canada and Axners in Florida, and
your affiliation with Axners I hope you have an answer to share! I am on the
Gulf coast rather than near Orlando,and my experience in Florida is
primarily with Standard, and Highwater Clays from St.Pete Clay.

I have tested only Raspberry, an oxidation glaze fired at ^6 in ox, but on a
^10 body, P-10 from Highwater...a beautiful glaze, a beautiful fit! And the
Clear Liner Glaze, which fit my ^6 stoneware body; the ^6 Clear Liner Glaze
crazed on Axner's Norma porcelain,and P-10, both ^10 bodies; but was lush on
Helios, a Highwater ^10 porcelain,with a dk turk stain added to the glaze.
(I probably should have waited until I had some ^6 bisque, but I was carried
away with the great book!) Now I'm organizing and hope to find a stoneware
and a porcelain body that performs well in both ^6 oxidation and reduction.
Thanks...testing, testing testing. Lori in New Port Richey, Fl.