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updated fri 31 may 02


Liz Willoughby on thu 30 may 02

As Tony has pointed out, there was a lot going on at Sheridan School
of Crafts and Design, just outside of Toronto, last week-end.
Fusion, The Ontario Clay and Glass Assoc. had their annual
conference, 150 potters attended. Ruth Ann Tudball and Grace Nickle
were the presenters. Both very different which made for an
interesting workshop. Ruth Ann is a master at "gesture", a good
speaker, and wonderful thrower. Grace makes careful and meticulous
architectural work. As always it was a pleasure just being there,
seeing old friends again, and catching up on news. Fireworks, the
travelling juried exhibition was also there, wonderfully displayed.

One of the best parts was walking into the clay studio, and seeing
Tony and his grin, and the people who took his course, who had double
grins. Everyone so anxious to get those brick doors down, including
us onlookers. (Ron filling in time with hitting a tennis ball into an
empty kiln with a hockey stiff, never missed once). The students gave
Tony a picture of him standing in front of the "tumblestack salt
kiln", I am not saying a word Tony, you will have to explain. Tony I
think this picture should go into Clay Times, it is a darn site
better than the Tony the Popeye one that is there now. Just can't get
my head into that picture.

There were a lot of good pots that came out of that wood kiln. It was
fun critiquing, and yes if it is a pouring vessel, its gotta pour!
Thanks for asking me to do that Tony, alongside of Ron, who was so
eloquent! It gave me a boost, but why is it that afterwards I thought
of a million more things that I wanted to say, ever thus.

Ya done good Tony.

Not a celebrity, Meticky Liz

Tony C. says:

>final crit of the pots by
>Kathleen, RR and Liz W. Liz got out her Bauhaus mind set and poured water
>every pouring vessel. An eye on function- very good indeed.
>ronnie left me with one of those profound ideas the old boy seems to land
>me every once in awhile. Looking at the rim of a womans plate,he said "You
>know how you can tell when you're walking along a sidewalk after a rain
>whether the worm on the sidewalk is alive or dead. that is how it is with
>rims/pots? You can tell from a distance.
>Celebritiies like Ron Meyers, and Ruth Ann Tudball, RR, Liz W. dropped
>around the wood kiln. wood kilns attract pyromaniacs.

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