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'wanna make an underglaze

updated wed 15 may 02


William Hendry on tue 14 may 02

I wanna make a white underglaze that I'll be firing to c04. I've =
searched through the clayart archives and elsewhere and found recipes =
that call for stains in what seems to be unusually high amounts.

The Ceramic Supply catalog has a recipe calling for 2 parts frit, one =
part stain. The Highwater Clay recipe is a 30-30-30 mix of frit, EPK, =
and stain. And a third, found in the Clayart archive and supposedly from =
Mason, calls for 20 parts F4, 10 EPK, 5 Ball, 10 frit, and 40 stain. =
Converting these recipes into percentage terms, the first two call for =
50% stain while the third calls for almost 99% stain! =20

Presuming that this was yet another glaze mystery I didn't understand I =
called Mason where I was told that 10% should be sufficient. That's a =
really BIG difference. So before I plunge ahead, spending lots of money =
on stain, I'd like to hear some opinions from the list. Is it really =
necessary to have these high amounts of stain to get color density? And =
just what other alternatives do I have to mix my own?