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using a generator to fire a kiln

updated fri 17 may 02


Ian bogus on thu 16 may 02

Hello all,

I'd just like to say that electricians can be really frusterating. I got a
relativly small kiln over 2 months ago, but the electrician has been giving
me the runaround about running a line for it since then. Right now it is
sitting in a garage without power; but there is a generator there. The
generator is used to power the house incase of a power outage. It has a 220
V. outlet and from what I have been told can run for 24 hrs. on a filling
powering the house. Does anyone have any concerns about running a kiln off
a gasoline powered generator? I would like to use it as a temporary
solution. If I can't get him to run a line the house has a 220 V. line and
I wanted to mount a plug and just plug the kiln in with a glorified
extention cord (bought at Home Depot). Again, is there anything wrong with
this idea?

Thanks in advance,
Mr. bogus

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