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show tips - bruce baker tape

updated thu 23 may 02


Bonnie/Jeremy Hellman on wed 22 may 02

Cat posted this message in clayart a few days ago and I took her advice. =
I went to Bruce Baker's web site: and ordered =
the tape, which costs $15 including shipping and handling. It arrived =
promptly and I listened to it promptly.=20

Friends, this is a FABULOUS tape! This is a "must own" tape! This is a =
tape you'll want to hear MANY times! It is a good tape not just for =
people selling at fairs and festivals, but also for anyone selling their =
own work or talking to customers about their own work. Whatever your =
style or personality, there is information in this tape that makes it =
worth owning IMHO.=20

I do not sell at fairs and festivals but everything he says range true =
to me. He offers a 30 or 60 day money back option-- you can return the =
tape if you don't like it, and he says he hasn't gotten any back. =
Normally I would think this is hyperbole, but after listening to the =
tape I can believe it. I'm certainly keeping mine!=20

As a small item of interest, his last comment on the tape is a request =
to not make copies for your friends. He's put a lot of effort into =
making the tape, and doesn't want us to share it. (Sound familiar?) At =
$11.95 plus $3.00 shipping, it's not expensive and I think everyone will =
make back the money from tips in the tape.

Bonnie Hellman

My first and best tip is to get Bruce Baker's tape "be a dynamic craft
seller" He writes a column regularly in Crafts Report and was one of =
urls sent in on that important things to bring to a show.... He wrote a
column on it... that was sent in a few weeks ago so should be in the =
week or 2 of april . I don't have the info in front of me and not =
where it is ( still not dug out of last show I did ) the info on how =
get in touch with him was on that crafts report column and I am sure =
could find out thru crafts report how to email him... That tape and =
workshop tripled my sales at the few shows I do ...

Do not sit in your booth... find busy work .... fake it if you have
to... dust price move around .... if anyone is near your booth talk =
them... tell stories entertain... do not say " can i help you " =
can help you is better ...learn to read body language .... BUY the =
!!!! Make your booth a fun place to be ... Did I mention BUY the =
??? He generally does a booth display / dynamic craft selling work =
type thing.... move mountains to attend one of them if you have to... =
need to learn how to be sellers of our craft and get as good at it as we =
at making our work.. that's a fact jack !!! Our booths need to look =
good and
be comfortable and user friendly( got a comment about having a rug in my
booth in Sanford, lady said I was smart as my feet wouldn't get soo =
what she don't know is I did it for HER and for all the people not for =
its a pain to drag rug 400 miles and hard to set up but pot buyers =
worth the effort !!!) and we need to entertain and give meaning to =
work.. hey no one" needs "a hand made mug .... styrofoam works ....
people are buying a piece of us and don't you think they aren't... =
Cant begin
to tell you how many folks have told me that I am the reason they bought =
work !!! Kind of freaked me out at first but they back tracked and =
they really liked the work too LOL but I made them feel good in my =
and they had an enjoyable time etc... Does that make sense ??? And =
I enjoy myself also... only time its not to enjoyable is when its way =
crowded then its scary and I don't get to meet the people that want my =
the way they deserve ... I always feel honored that anyone would =
purchase my
work and they deserve attention .... hope this helps some ps did I
mention GET THE TAPE ???? NO Bruce Baker did not pay me to say any =
this stuff but it did change my selling experience and it will yours =
if you can listen to the guy and get what he is trying to tell you... =
you don't turn into a flim flam man its gotta be real and from the =
folks can spot an insincere BS from a mile away... its not high =
sales either... it takes practice and practice to get good at it.... At =
guild show there are 180 plus booths of the finest crafts this side of =
mississippi.... not just clay but incredible ART ... $10,000 =
horses for instance and yeah they sell !!!! The attendance is going =
down at
this venue and the amount of artists doing the show going up, the craft
dollar is being stretched thinner and thinner... All the potters are
incredible at this show and I am just a regular joe so to speak..what =
me apart is my booth and my enthusiasm and having my cute hubby in my
booth LOL... Its alot of hard hard work but listen to the tape he =
make you understand why its important to work hard... I try to listen to =
tape before every show.... CAT your friend in clay

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Eddie Krieger on wed 22 may 02

I, too, immediately ordered the tape after reading Cat's message last week.
My wife and I listened to it yesterday and plan on listening to it again on
the way to this weekends show.
I was very impressed and strongly suggest that anyone interested in selling
their work give this tape a try.

Thanks, Cat, for the suggestion!

Eddie Krieger
Abilene, TX