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saggar firing question.

updated thu 23 may 02


Jeff Tsai on wed 22 may 02

I've used a couple things.

Most often I use a brick saggar. Kiln shelves at the bottom, kiln shelves at
the top. bricks all around, little holes sealed up with a real groggy clay.
Lots of air gets in, but I don't mind, I think the colors still come out

I've also used flower pots as saggars using the methods described in an old
CLAY TIMES article written by the Riggs.

I've used large thrown lidded containers. The walls are an inch thick and
clay is a heavily grogged stoneware firing to cone 6.

lastly, I've used a stainless steel crock pot with a kiln shelf as the great, but can't stand high temperatures (above cone 010) for
extremely long periods of time.