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pricing amaco wheel? michigan adventure

updated sat 25 may 02


Patti Yager on fri 24 may 02

Greetings clay buds,

I have at long last arrived back in Michigan, where I grew up, after living
'away' for 27 years, 18 of them in Canada. Packed my Amaco electric stand up
wheel, older Cress kiln (compliments of a clayarter), lots of clay, glaze
materials, furniture, etc. in a Uhaul trailer, me & my bird in the Volvo
wagon & set out from Delaware last Thursday afternoon. Headed west into the
sunset on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, drove until the bird quit talking &
stopped in a service center to grab a few hours sleep. It was just like my
old truck driving days in the early 70's when I was a wee slip of a thing at
23 years old & still immortal.
I arrived here at my brother's in western Michigan at about midnight Friday
night safe & sound, started to turn into into the driveway & WHAM! my car
jumps forward about 20 feet! Helped by a drunk driver who ran into the back
of the trailer, which ran into the back of my car before it careened across
the road into the ditch.
Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. The trailer absorbed most of the 60
mph impact & may have saved my life. The contents of the trailer are a
write-off though. There were bags of clay in boxes that are now 2 inch thick
slabs infused with broken glass & mixed glaze materials. The 1/4" cast
aluminum throwing table on the wheel is broken in three places. I can hardly
believe the damage. The bottom ring of the kiln isn't TOO bad... but the lid
self destructed. The beautiful Mel mug I received in a Clayart mug exchange
couple of years ago when he made 50 or a hundred mugs & offered to trade
others on the list made it. The Jonathon Kaplan Mug I bought on Ebay last
year for 5 bucks! made it. I MADE IT ! Life is good.
So now I'm left dealing with the details & the whole point of this post. I
need to find the value of the wheel for the insurance I said YES to when I
rented the trailer. (even though I thought my car insurance would cover it &
the contents, which it didn't!) They pay for "actual value".
The tag on the wheel says 'AMACO POTTER WHEEL' the number is 4401.
If anyone can help me with this I'd certainly appreciate it. Of course, I've
been all over the internet & other clay sites to no avail. Found one
classified asking $500 for one.
Thanks all.


Hey it's good to be back home again...
in Muskegon, MI where the pool isn't going to be open Memorial weekend for
the first time since it was put in