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karen sandlin visits the chapel of art

updated fri 24 may 02


Janet Kaiser on fri 24 may 02

Clayarter Karen Sandlin, husband Cliff, sister and brother-in-law
visited The CoA today. Karen also presented us with the tile she had
decorated... the first to represent Florida for the International
Potters' Path. They all appeared much enamoured of The Path and had
been asked to take a photo of Anji Henderson's "Maryland" tile to take
home. As it happens, Snail Scott's "Nevada" and Alisa Clausen's
"Denmark" tiles should also be in the photo, being laid right next to
Anji's tile in the unfinished "Phase 2". I hope Karen remembered to do
that in all the excitement... I only witnessed the "group photo" when
they were leaving.

BTW Karen reckons I should tell all new-comers to Clayart that we
still need 3,500 tiles to complete this unique project and invite/will
welcome all contributions. Just look at our web site for details... and go to The International Potters' Path
section, especially the "Technical Specifications for Path Makers"

Karen and Cliff now live in Florida, but have lived in much saltier
places including Pacific Islands... Cliff and I had a discussion about
what living next to the Ocean does to anything from cars to ceramics.
We both wished that science could come up with a really effective
"salt killer" or neutraliser.

Although the Chapel was set up for an afternoon art class and not it's
usual cosy self, they seemed to enjoy a coffee and seeing the pots and
other work we currently have on exhibition. Unfortunately I had to
advise them NOT to buy a particularly lovely pot (coiled, burnished
and smoked) with a wide carved rim by Kim Middleton, because I really
could not guarantee it would survive being either posted home or the
rest of their tour through Wales, the Lake District, Scotland and via
York and the east coast of England back to London in addition to their
flight home to Florida. However, they chose four smaller pots to add
to their luggage and run the gauntlet of airport security and new
baggage rules on international flights. Only snag was getting
authorisation for their credit card from the USA! What a palaver!
First time that has ever happened and it was interesting I was asked
what were they buying by Citibank/Visa? Has anyone ever been asked
that when getting CC authorisation by phone? It was also a new one on

They had apparently also spent a wonderful evening with Paul Taylor in
Ireland, who had gave Karen a lesson in wedging... Was that before or
after the wine, Paul? :-) Thanks for the best wishes... We not only
appreciate the thought, but need them with a cyclonic storm just
hitting as I write and my impending hour of doom at the hospital
tomorrow... :-(

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art / Capel Celfyddyd
Home of The International Potters' Path
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