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first big show - tips and tricks? entertaining kids

updated fri 17 may 02


claybair on thu 16 may 02

My best trick for entertaining the children of customers is
a well placed sand garden. Parents generally have to drag the kids away.
An added bonus is selling them.

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Michele Williams


For those hyperactive kids who can't keep from touching, take along a couple
of things to keep them busy while they're in your booth. Many parents
aren't willing to leave an event just because Johnny's bored or Johnny's
tired,'ve seen it, I know you have. A couple of simple
somethings that move, a package of party games like the marble in a maze so
if one kid walks off with it, you're not out money and activity for the next
grabby child, a lizard (bug, spider--something you can stand) in a terrarium
at the back and screwed down to the table, a fun-house mirror, some balloons
to give away to those old get the idea. Costs a bit up front
maybe, but less than broken pots.

Michele Williams