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estrin kiln

updated sat 25 may 02


Don Jung on thu 23 may 02

Ol Larry retired and closed down Estrin Mfg a little while ago. The lid
can be fixed though.... you can call up Len Werner at 604-467-9443. He
makes McClennan kilns in Maple Ridge and has repaired a few Estrin
kilns. I believe Greenbarn Pottery Supply can also source someone to do
some kiln repairs. Good luck.


Mud Hen on thu 23 may 02

At our school we have an estrin kiln that is approx. 30 years old. It is a
large rectangular kiln in which the top lifts open. Upon opening some of
the bricks gave way and fell apart. Now I am trying to figure out whether
or not it is feasible to fix.

I cannot seem to find the estrin company, any of the numbers I had were
for Vancouver, Canada and are not in service.

The kiln is Estrin Model L73. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone
may have. We also have two other skut kilns that work very well, so I am
not sure that a hight school needs to spend such money on such items.

thanks in advance