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credit card companies questioning purchases

updated sun 26 may 02


June Perry on sat 25 may 02

Calling ahead didn't make any difference for us when we went on a wine
trip to Napa a few years ago.
My husband spent about a half an hour on the phone with a Visa rep in the
Silver Oak winery office to prove he was the card holder. He had called Visa
a few days before, telling them we were going on a wine buying trip and
how much we would be spending in a two day period and they still ran him
through the mill to prove his identity. He was livid! The winery told us
it happens all the time.
We had it again on our cross country trip last summer. We couldn't figure
why our gas station purchase was refused, and I forget how, but finally
out that they were trying to reach us -- at our old phone number, which was
disconnected since we were moving!! We didn't bother to call them this time,
since it didn't do any good when we did. Fortunately, when they spoke to us
and found out that we were the card holder, they removed the restriction.
They really aren't protecting you, they're protecting themselves because the
cardholder is protected from fraudulent use of their cards. You have to
them but eventually win.

June Perry