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crackle problems

updated fri 17 may 02


rafeeq ahamad s on thu 16 may 02

Dear Sir,
To be very precise i also am a awner of a pottery and using
your details & specifications formula wise . I tried to
manufacture the piece of art in which self imposed crackles are
formed with a glow of colour in it and luckily . I succeaded to a
great entent forming the crackles in the piece although I
maintained the same tamprature of
1180"c as mentioned in your details . But still could'nt suceced.
After all efforts i am still unsuceessful.
Sir , hence at this cirtical junction of incomplet progress i am
seeking for your help so thet i can proceed further on my work and
get successful in forming colours on the crackles line with your
Sir, i would be very gratful to you if you would kindly help me in
my work and make my incomplet work to be a complet piece. Sir can
you expailan what is Zircopax
Thankin you
4/801,Zubeda lodge
Sir syed nagar, Aligarh
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