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clay destinations in door co. wisconsin?

updated sun 19 may 02


george koller on sat 18 may 02

hello kathy!

proud peninsula person and potter putz & pro programmer
private george koller reporting for tour duty, mam!

here is a site that seems to do a nice job of letting you
sort out places to visit:

if you call the door county chamber or keep your eye out
at most any business you can find a "art's map" that is a
useful guide, but i'll try and give you some of my favorite

Diane McNeil, and John Dietrich are fellow (sometimes)
clayarters up in ellison bay, they are on garrett bay road
just off of hwy 42. john gives workshops at the clearings
for pitfiring and i really love/admire the results he is getting.
amazing (and just the 180degree opposite of what we are doing).

abe cohen is the "old man" on our peninsula and runs a wonderful
pottery in fish creek. his shop is called the "potter's wheel" and he
also displays the work of many young potters (some of them even
out of wisconsin). some really neat, i think, horsehair work by a
young lady that i can't remember the name of. his shop is a must

if you get a chance to visit the clearing, it is very near to diane
and john, i think you will find it to be a most interesting place.
the "campus" reminds me of an old norwegian village, its on a
bluff (of course), many of the class rooms have fireplaces, and
just generally the place is a model of the things i like. maybe
it is not a coincidence that it was founded by jens jensen, a city

sturgeon bay has a number of interesting places including the
fairfield museum right past the "old bridge" going north. they
have a collection of henry moore sketches and sculptures.

and one more plug, if i may, not related to pottery. washington
island is just north of the peninsula connected by a ferry that
runs couple of times a day. if you should have the time and interest
there are two places i like to recommend. first is the community
built stave kirke replication. the second place is sievers -

Sievers School of Fiber Arts
Jackson Harbor Rd, Washington Island

if you have any interest in fiber. most everybody that visits there
with some interest seems to go "bonkers".

oh, sorry, and the lighthouses (12 ov'em) that attract tourists like
moths, but they are really a nice visit. the one in peninsula park
is just off the park road so you can combine it with a picnic and a
hike up the tower for a commanding view of eagle bay and ephraim.

have a great time! and fondle some pots for me...