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workshop this weekend

updated tue 28 jan 03


Dupre Mr Marcy M on mon 6 may 02

Is anyone else from the Washington, DC area going to the Finch Pottery near
Bailey, NC this weekend for the workshop? I understand Paul Soldner, Rudy
Autio, and other luminaries will be in attendance.

Hope to see some Mud Buds there. I'll send a post when I get back.


Karen on mon 6 may 02

Hey Tig,

You'll love Dan's place.....that's the studio where I "take classes".....
seems lately I have been teaching the newbies how-to's of glazing. It's an
awesome place, have fun! I won't be in attendance at this workshop but
hope to be in November.

Dan Finch's is 3 miles north of Bailey, NC, 11 miles west of Wilson, NC &
some odd-miles southwest of Rocky Mount, NC.... It is somewhat rural
eastern North Carolina.... only a few 40 some odd miles east of Raleigh,
NC..... where I'm from.....

You'll also meet some great folks from the Carolina Clay Guild in & around
Greensboro, NC. They sponsored Ian Currie's workshop a few weeks ago. They
too have had some outstanding workshops.....

Enjoy all!
(near Raleigh, NC.... wishing I could attend as well, but knowing there are
too many other things to do this week/weekend & no $$$ to spare..... :)

L. P. Skeen on mon 27 jan 03

There are still openings in the Mark Peters workshop this weekend at =
Living Tree Pottery in Summerfield, NC. Mark will present =
demonstrations on throwing/altering work and will have a slide show on =
Saturday night. More information can be had at = . Cost is $75 plus $7.50 for =
lunch each day.



L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Studios, Summerfield, NC
"I have yet to hear a man ask for advice=20
on how to combine a marriage and career."