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what? throwing packages! packing...smoke test>

updated wed 8 may 02


Karen on tue 7 may 02

Craig.... that kinda reminds me of where I used to work previously (in the
computer tech/develpment industry....)... when we "smoke tested" our
development product it meant to virtually speaking "pound on it".... till
it was virtually smokin'..... best way to test software in hardware is
overload it.... if it still works, Great!

Also any electrical person knows.... Not to "let the magic smoke out" if ya
do, well it won't nevah work ag'n! :) We'd occassionally let that magic
smoke out when building a piece of equipment or even during testing.....
usually scares the socks off folks.... always accompanied by loud noises &
flashes of light.....

>Kinda reminds me of what we used to call the "smoke test." If we were
>> not sure about whether or not a particular piece of overpriced guv'mnt
>> equipment had been properly fixed someone would invariably chime in with,
>> "........just plug the GD thing in, if it don't smoke it's fixed." This
>> normally followed by howels of laughter.

(near Raliegh, NC...... figuring that the gov't would know to test things
with smoke & mirrors before shipping back to customers.... :)