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warped tile-paperclay

updated fri 3 may 02


BVCuma on thu 2 may 02

>>i would like info of any ones experience using paper clay
for tiles---does it warp as it dries or develop any other problems after
forming and firing? <<

Hi Mike,
I have used my paper fibre (cotton rag) in a raku body =20
for some tile experiments..they warped good and well.
Unless layed flat on the shelf.
With a new problem..
they were bloody stuck there too.
(glaze over the edge)
I did take the temp till cone 6.
With more pending concerns
I moved on to other priorities.
Put a glass top on the coffee table
rather than the planned for tiles...
some other time.

You mention the old CM's
and the numerous articles available.
I would do a fabric layering in large tiles.
Though you mention the great success=20
of Roberts formula...

If you can dig up CM May ' 79
Article "Fibre slip Ceramics"
By Jim Danesh
He outlines many materials/techniques
advantages and disadvantages...
For non warping large scale works.


ps.'ve really been haunting me the last few days.
I know I promised you tiles long back.
But I have the same problem as Joyce.
I don't want to send you anything but my best..
what to do.. (I promise, I will send)