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vince's acers workshop

updated fri 3 may 02


karen terpstra on thu 2 may 02

Just want to report that Vince's workshop for the ACerS annual meeting
in St. Louis was delightful!!!! We were all enamored by Vince's brand
new work of oil cans; some made with colored clay and great textures.

I am in oil can country and will be looking for more cans for Vince.
His favorite is the old train oil cans. The Burlington-Northern-Santa
Fe and Union Pacific railroads are stationed here in La Crosse. We have
railroad stuff all over the place in junk shops and antique stores.

Happy firings,
Karen Terpstra
La Crosse, WI

ps. Wood all over the place.... 3 truck loads delivered this week. some
to my house. Students are great. They are coming over tomorrow to stack
wood for me and eat pizza. they spoil me.