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stainless steel ... needle tool

updated fri 3 may 02


LOGAN OPLINGER on fri 3 may 02

I make my own.

Find some #8 gauge type 304 or 306 ss wire (I go to my friendly metal scrap
dealer). This type of ss will work harden.

Cut a 5" length, hold one end in 'Vice Grips', bang out 3" of the other end
with a hammer on an anvil into a round tapered point until it begins to
resist deforming. Rotate the wire as it is being hammered. The thin end of
the taper will be about 3/32" across. Reduce and refine the diameter of the
taper with a machinists file to about 1/16" diameter and finishing to a
sharp point. The tapered end will have some springyness to it, but can be
bent with force. It will not, however, break off. Set the thick end of the
needle into a handle of your favorite material (hardwood, bamboo, bone,
antler, etc.) and design a sheath to protect the point when not being used.

Logan Oplinger


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