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significant new book alert.. (not a pottery book)

updated mon 13 may 02


george koller on sun 12 may 02

Title : A New Kind of Science
Author: Stephen Wolfram
Link to Book Info site:
Link to Mathematica:

From a Sat, May 11, NY Times preview:

"Now Mr Wofram is finally publishing his work,
and his claims surpass the most extravagant speculation.
He has, he argues, discovered the underlying principles
that affect the development of everything from the human
brain to the workings of the universe, requiring a
revolutionary rethinking of physics, mathematics, biology,
and other sciences. He believes he has shown how the
most complex processes in nature can arise out of elemental
rules, how the wealth of diverse phenomena - the infinite
variety of snowflakes and the patterns on sea shells -
are generated from seemingly trivial origins."

Hi All,

This is not a pottery book. I have not read it, it is due
to be released next week. However, it may well
be of vital interest to those of us seeking to combine
our passions in other areas (such as computer science
or mathematics) with our admiration for clay and art.
The work includes many images, and the material is
said (by a doctor of Mathematics) to be largely non-

For those of you not familiar with this particular genius,
he was born in Britain and published his first paper on
particle physics at age 15, was awarded a doctorate at
Caltech at 20 (called "astonishing" by Richard Feyman),
won a MacArthur Fellowship at age 21, and went on to
write "Mathematica", the standard for research around
the globe, etc etc.

The story is that his new book is a COLLECTION OF
IMAGES and ideas from his last 10 years of self financed
research that at least a few scientists believe will "shake
up the world" abit.

My book is on order. I haven't been this excited since I
found a true HVLP spray for $69.95!


George Koller

PS Settled in again at Alfred for a couple of weeks. Rainy and Cold -
good weather for working. We seem to be over our electronics
problems which cost us over three weeks. Getting a lot of interest
in our "computer driven spray machine" as it is being called here.
Should be spritzing some tiles by next week. (It may be of interest
to a few of you that our software can transfer images from EPS files
to clay surfaces - and the images generated by Mathematica are
available in this format.)